Wilder VS Fury 2 Press Conference: Fury gives Wilder only two rounds

Deontay Wilder - Tyson Fury (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

Following the controversial result of 2018, the WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and the former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury will once again clash in February this year. Their first fight was draw. The result was neither the boxers nor the fans, so it was expected that there would be a rematch. The venue and date have been official for a couple of weeks now, and a press conference was yesterday in Los Angeles.

Not a big surprise that they told some trash talk ot each other. Other than that, they were quite calm, not jerky, no separation, just a verbal battle. Nor is it surprising that they both promise knock out, which may sound a little strange from Fury’s mouth, because he’s not a KO king. While Wilder won 41 of 42 wins by knockout, 20 of Fury’s 29 wins.

Fury promises that this time he won’t come out herky-jerky, he will stand hard to fight and knock Wilder out in two rounds. Wilder was the aggressor in the first fight, but this time he will take the initiative and will not wait until Wilder’s famous right hand hits him.

“I’m not looking for herky jerky. I want him to meet me dead center in the ring and have a slugfest. He knows I rocked him three or four times, but I didn’t have the gas to finish him off. Just look out for the right hand because you’re going to sleep in two rounds. … I’m going to kick this mother-f— a. … He’s gotten out of jail many times with that one right hand. It ain’t luck; he has to put it there. I’m going to be super slippery like a goldfish. I’m going to be super sharp after going 12 rounds.

He has power and no boxing ability. He knocked Breazeale out in a round – great performance – but it didn’t bring him on any because it was a one-round knockout and he’s done that many times before. We knew what (Luis) Ortiz was gonna do in the rematch, outbox him until he blows out. He held his feet and got knocked out. Wilder was losing every round on the cards and pulled out that lucky shot, but his luck is running out. He will not be scoring any KO with that right against me!” – Fury said.

Fury had said a few weeks ago that he would be the heavyweight Sugar Ray Leonard, and he would circulate in front of Wilder that he wouldn’t hit, but he wouldn’t see. Now he talks about completely opposite tactics. He will probably choose the one that will most annoy and frustrate Wilder, because this is Fury’s greatest strength, mental warfare. He says Wilder has the power, but he can’t box. He’s a lot faster, more technical than the WBC World Champion and gives Wilder a good lesson on how to fight.

Wilder, on the other hand, did not speak lot, he wants to knock out the “Gypsy King” and he will do. The plan is simple, relying on its power to hit Fury without being able to get up. Wilder’s tactics have been about that, saying he’ll be more relaxed and patient this time around in the backlash against Luis Ortiz. It’s a good shot, you don’t have to hurry, you don’t have to win in the first round. Just don’t wait too long and Fury will outboxing him.