Wilder: The costume was too heavy; Breland didn’t throw the towel by himself

Deontay Wilder (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

Although Deontay Wilder said after his Saturday defeat, he made no excuses as to why he lost. Now he came up with a couple of strange excuses. One is that it was not Fury’s punches that caused the trouble, but his extravagant costume. He thought his costume was about 40 pounds. As a result, his feet were not “working properly” and had no balance. He could only try it the night before and didn’t think it would be that hard.

The other is related to the towel. In the middle of the seventh round, the assistant coach Mark Breland threw in the towel, despite head coach Jay Deas saying he wouldn’t. Wilder says he has decidedly told his team that they should never throw in the towel, as he said, “rather go out on his shield” to take him out of the ring than to give up the fight. And Breland knew that too. According to Wilder, the assistant coach did not throw the towel on his own, he was “whispered to him”. He also produced an interesting conspiracy theory. He says former WBC champ Anthony Dirrell was sitting near his corner and constantly insisted he should throw in the towel. Anthony Dirrell, who was trained by “Sugarhill” Steward, who is currently training Fury. So, as he put it, “a member of the opposing team encouraged Breland to throw in the towel.”

The ex-champion also said that he will use the rebound clause, there will be a third match! But he hasn’t decided yet whether Breland will remain on his team, he still has to think about it.

Otherwise, the referee stated that he was constantly watching Wilder’s reactions and was close to stopping the fight if the towel was not thrown.