Wilder: “Ruiz fight is bigger for me than the Joshua fight!”

Deontay Wilder (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

Deontay Wilder the heavyweight WBC world champion wants to face against the winner of the Ruiz – Joshua fight. He doesn’t care who wins, but he thinks Ruiz will win again. And maybe that would be the better version for Wilder. He thinks that a fight between him and Ruiz is a bigger match in the U.S. than a fight between him and Joshua.

Andy Ruiz Jr. defeated Anthony Joshua in June by TKO. Maybe this was the biggest upset in this year. Joshua down 4 times in the fight before it was stopped in round 7. So now Andy Ruiz Jr. is the IBO/IBF/WBO/WBA Super heavyweight champion and he wants to save his belts at the rematch in December. If he will win again he can unify his belts with the WBC champion Wilder.

Wilder thinks that Joshua isn’t ready in mentally for the rematch againts Ruiz.

“I think this adds even more pressure on top of him. Trust me; I have a sixth sense. And I think Ruiz has all the motivation and confidence that he needed in the first fight. Look at what his life has done. I don’t think he’s one to dwell on just a little bit of a taste of success, because making a million or $3 million or whatever the purse was, that’s just the beginning, especially when you become a champion. You can’t get caught up in thinking, ‘Oh, $3 million.’ You’ve got to be saying, ‘If I can get that, then I can get more.’ But you’ve got to say hungry.” – said Wilder to SkySports.

Wilder thinks that the Ruiz fight will be bigger than Joshua fight. In the U.S, it makes more sense for Wilder to face Ruiz than it does against Joshua.

“With the win, that was a big booster, and it got a lot of people around him, especially the Mexican people. Every day they remind him. The Ruiz fight is even huger. Whoever wins it’ll be a big fight, but the biggest fight of all is me and Andy Ruiz fight after that, because of his background. He’s got the Hispanic background, and he’s American. So he’s got both of the sides. And what he’s done being the first Mexican heavyweight champion of the world. That’s huge for Mexico. They never had that before. So a lot of people that weren’t alert about him, they are now, and you know how they are with boxing. So it makes it even bigger, and you’re in America. You know what I’m saying? It’s bigger than what Joshua can ever be,” – said Wilder.

(Sources: SkySports)