Wilder: On February 22., Fury and his lineal championship will be over

Deontay Wilder (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

The heavyweight WBC World Champion Deontay Wilder more times speaks about the stupidity of Tyson Fury’s constant boasting of being the heavyweight “lineal champion.” According to Wilder, this is a non-existent title that Fury tells always that legitimize himself as a champion. He thinks this is stupidity and in February, when he defeats Fury in the rematch, he will end it because he will never claim that he is a “lineal champion.”

“I don’t care nothing for it at all. We only heard about this lineal championship stuff when Fury came out. He won the belt from Klitschko, but never defended it. I know that hurts. Even though you had the opportunity to defend it, but you allowed yourself not to have it, because you wanted to play with your nose. That’s OK. That was part of your choice drug to use, but you did it a little too much and went over from there. He never allowed himself to have the opportunity to defend those titles. So now he’s trying to have some kind of validation for it.” – said Wilder to Thaboxingvoice.

Not only will Wilder’s WBC belt and Fury’s “lineal championship title” be at stake in February’s rematch, The Ring Magazine’s heavyweight belt also. According to him, this is the Golden Boy’s belt (Oscar De La Hoya, which is owned by The Ring Magazine), which also means nothing to him. He believes that the most important belt is the WBC World Championship Belt and it’s his.

Wilder also talked about Fury’s change of coach and, not surprisingly, says it makes no sense. He doesn’t think he could change anything but his weight. If Emanuel Steward was coaching, then maybe, but Sugarhill Steward (nephew of legendary Emanuel Steward) won’t be able to make any difference on him.

He also talked about the he wants to knock out Fury, of course. He would attack Fury’s body, tried it in the first match, but stopped for some reason. It will focus on his body, but he will find it wherever possible.

“That’s something I stopped doing in the first fight (throwing body punches). I don’t know why I stopped going to the body. I just stopped. But I’m definitely going to target the body, and we’re going to target everything that’s open, we’re going to hit. … The head, the chest, the shoulders. I’m going to try and rip his liver out of there. I was the aggressor in the first fight, and I’m going to be the aggressor in this fight. … I know he’s talking about knocking somebody out, but really when Fury is saying he’s going to knock someone out, he’s really trying to make you laugh. We know he has pillows as fists. He’s feather-fisted for sure. He ain’t knocking anybody out. I’m just looking forward to it. Its exciting, and it’s going to be amazing fight. … I’m going to finish him. I promise you!” – said Wilder.