Wilder: “If Fury knocks me out in 2 rounds, I’ll retire!”

Deontay Wilder (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

The WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (42-0-1; 41 KOs) and the former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (29-0-1; 20 KOs), who now describes himself as a “lineal champion”, will be rematching on February 22nd. Undoubtedly, this fight is the one that will keep boxing fans the fever. There was also a press conference this week where Fury not only promised a KO, but said he would knock Wilder out in two rounds. Wilder is the KO-king, so he might rather knock out the “Gypsy King” in two rounds, but self-confidence is important.

Wilder told TMZ if it really happened and Fury knocked it out in two rounds he would retire! But he’s sure it won’t happen. He doesn’t think Fury could knock him out, especially in two rounds. He thinks that no one believe this Fury, not just him, maybe even Fury himself, but this is  good way for promoting the fight. He has quite a few knockout victories for Fury, but not against the elite, until Wilder has won 41 of his 42 wins by knockout.

Fury does not trust the judges, he thinks that the first fight was taken away from him and would not “let” them win now, so he does not trust them. He wants to knock Wilder out, to be clear. That’s why he switched coach, he would be able to knock out the “Bronze Bomber” with Sugar Hill Steward.

His new trainer is about to strengthen Fury’s right hand, which will be needed if he wants to knock Wilder out. According to Sugar Hill, Fury is the best heavyweight defenser currently, this doesn’t need to be improved, but strengthened on his right. According to the coach, Emanuel Steward had tried similar things with Fury back then, and now he wants to continue what the legendary coach started, the true “Kronk style”. According to Steward, the thing is “simple”, Wilder has one weapon, his right hand, it must be avoided, neutralized. Steward doesn’t have much time to change or improve Fury’s technique or power. Only he has 1 month until the rematch.