WBSS Launches Heavyweight Fantasy Tournament With Ali, Tyson, Foreman – Stream On Facebook

Picture source: https://worldboxingsuperseries.com/

The World Boxing Super Series launches a unique virtual tournament for fans to watch instead of boxing fights due to the coronavirus panademic.

WBSS is launching a fantasy heavyweight tournament today, which can be followed on their facebook page. This is to encourage everyone to stay home, but still have some fun. The “eWBSS Heavyweight Legends Tournament” is simulated by EA Sports’ Fight Night Champion.

The tournament begins today, March 23, with a fantasy matchup that any boxing fan would have liked to have watched, had the two legendary boxers been active at the same time. A simulated clash between Muhammad Ali and Evander Holyfield can be watched today. But Lennox Lewis, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, Eric “Butterbean” Esch, George Foreman and David Haye will also be “participating in the tournament.”

Here’s the schedule for the “tournament”:

March 23. Ali VS Holyfield
March 24. Lennox VS Frazier
March 25. Tyson VS Butterbean
March 26. Foreman VS Haye
March 27. Ali VS Holyfield Winner – Lennox VS Frazier Winner
March 28. Tyson VS Butterbean Winner – Foreman VS Haye Winner
March 29. Finals

Today’s fight starts at 5pm (GMT) on the WBSS facebook page.