The WBA and the WBO are on the opposite opinion than the WBC, they support pros in the Olympics

We have previously written that the WBC has firmly stated that it does not support the Olympic start of professional boxers or even qualifying. In fact, he has forbidden them because he has foreseen a “penalty” that no champion will bear. This applies not only to world champions, but also to Silver, International and other champions. The WBC has already expressed this opinion in connection with the Rio 2016 Olympics and persists. It promises a two-year ban on all professional boxers who compete in the Olympics or the Olympic Qualifiers. This ban would, of course, only apply “in house”, meaning that the WBC rankings could not be for two years, would not fight for any WBC belt, and current champions would lose their title.

On the other hand, the WBA and the WBO, take the opposite view. The WBA specifically supports that the professional boxers fight in the Olympic Games. The qualifying tournament are slowly starting and the organization’s president, Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, has issued an announcement in support of Mexican boxers who are heading to the qualifiers and wishing them every success. The WBO shares the same opinion as the WBA about the pros’ Olympic performance. They also support boxers who would participate in Olympic games.

“On behalf of the great family of the World Boxing Association, a pioneer in governing pugilism and which I am honored to preside over, I want to express our full support to all professional boxers in Mexico who wish to participate in the qualifying tournament for the next Olympic Games. … At the WBA we will continue to open the doors to all the boxers who are part of these qualifiers, as well as to those who qualify and participate in Tokyo 2020, and we wish them the greatest success in their new challenges.” – said the WBA president.