Tyson Fury’s message: Stay home! Meanwhile, an earlier opponent is likely to be coronavirus

Tyson Fury (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

In a video message, Tyson Fury told his compatriots to listen to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and stay home. They try to slow down the spread of the virus by making them less likely to contact others. He said that he took it seriously and that he and his family would be respected so they wouldn’t go anywhere. So train in his home gym to keep fit. Not knowing if the third fight against Wilder scheduled for July will be held is likely to slip, but it’s important to keep training.

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Meanwhile, last year’s opponent was Sweden’s Otto Wallin, announcing himself likely to have caught the coronavirus. Although they have not been tested because they do not feel so bad and prefer to deal with more serious cases in New York City, the symptoms are same. In addition, her mother and her friend were visiting him recently and when they returned to Sweden, her mother’s friend became positive for the coronavirus test. Her mother also has symptoms, but not so severe, so she has not been tested.

“For me, it’s been very mild. I had a cough, I was sneezing and I felt like I had a light fever. But I didn’t have a fever, actually. And then, I started feeling better. But then, I lost all of my sense of taste and smell. I don’t have any smell still, but the taste is coming back. I feel fine. That’s kind of the scary part. I haven’t been feeling bad, but I most likely have it. That’s why everybody needs to follow the guidelines and stay inside as much as possible and keep practicing social distancing. It can be really serious to some people.” – said Wallin to TMZ on Monday night.

Wallin’s manager, Zach Levin, also said he was probably infected, but he didn’t get it from Wallin. Either on the subway or with a couple of friends he met recently and have since found out they are infected. His better suited to his symptoms of tiredness, loss of appetite, sore throat, back and leg pain, and mild fever. It was tested for plain flu, it became negative, but it was not tested for coronavirus.

Fortunately, none of them condition are in serious, individual voluntary quarantine, and they are calling on everyone who can isolate themselves to slow down the infection.