Tyson Fury in the WWE?!

Tyson Fury (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

The professional heavyweight boxer, the former world champion Tyson Fury is trying himself in-ring wrestling.

Previously at a WWE event there were some stares and words exchanged between Fury and Strowman.

And yesterday “The Gipsy King” conducted an interview where he demanded an apology from Strowman. And later Strowman took part in an interview of his own, where he warned Fury to keep his talkative nature in check. At the end of the show, the boxer came down to the ring and he was interviewed. Fury demanded his apology, which prompted Strowman to come down to the ring.

The two fighters exchanged some scripted verbal jabs, and then had a face to face stare down. Fury pushed Strowman, which led to Strowman tackling Fury to the corner – and the two of them began to brawl.

It’s rumored that Strowman vs. Fury will take place at the WWE Crown Jewel event on Thursday, October 31 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Stay tuned as WWE should have an official announcement on the match soon.

(Sources: Wrestling, BoxingScene)