Terence Crawford considers the coronavirus a scam, he doesn’t locked himself and his family

Terence Crawford (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

The WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford thinks this whole corona virus mystery is nonsense. He downplays the whole thing in a rather irresponsible way and blames the media. Despite the fact that the United States is currently the most infected country in the world. There are already more than half a million infected and about 20,000 dead in the country. Yet he thinks it’s just media scams and manipulating people.

He does not deal with the restrictions imposed by the government, he trains in the same way and did not lock his family or children in the house.

“It ain’t no different to any other day. I’m not locked up in the house. I’m not locking my kids up in the house, I’m telling you. I don’t feel like these people that they say are dying and sick from it is actually true.I think they’re using fear to try to control us right now, for something else. I don’t know what it is but me personally, I just can’t agree with a whole bunch of things that they’re saying now. The media runs the world. You put anything on then everybody’s gonna run with it and you’ll have people scared. They said it really don’t affect healthy individuals, only the elderly or those with problems like asthma or breathing disorders – but that’s like any cold or flu.” – Crawford told to Sports Illustrated.

When the epidemic broke out, many were still of this opinion, it has been heard countless times that it is like the flu and in the flu many more people dead it every year and the like. However, these sounds have been quieter lately. There are already nearly 2,000,000 infected worldwide and more than 110,000 have fallen victim to the coronavirus. And Crawford’s attitude is quite irresponsible because it puts not only himself and his family at risk, but also his fans who believe in the conspiracy theory and won’t be careful enough.