Ortiz Coach: It’ll be Fury’s loss if he wants to knock Wilder out

Luis Ortiz (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

The cuban Luis Ortiz (31-2; 26 KOs) stood twice against Deontay Wilder in the ring and was twice defeated. According to his coach, Herman Caicedo, Fury will do likewise if he wants to knock Wilder out at all costs. According to the coach, Fury needs to use his ability, height and long arms. The “Gypsy King” has a chance of winning if he tries to box out Wilder. He need does what he did in the first fight, he can win.

Not only is Wilder’s right hand dangerous, he can send it to the floor with his left hook, and if someone focuses on avoiding his right hand throughout the game, it’ll be a letdown. According to the coach, Ortiz did this too, concentrating so much on Wilder’s right hand that he couldn’t boxing freely enough. However, he ran into the right wing, he couldn’t concentrate on 12 rounds. According to the coach, Wilder is the toughest racket in heavyweight, Ortiz has a very hard chin, but he has been able to knock twice.

Fury can’t punch big enough to knock Wilder out, so he thinks it’s useless to try. The coach said the second Wilder-Ortiz fight was like a chess game where Wilder was looking for the one punch to end the match. This came in the seventh round. He giving Fury more time, but the “Bronze Bomber” will finish between Round 8-12.