Munguia defeated O’Sullivan by TKO

Jaime Munguia (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

The young Mexican boxer Jaime Munguia (35-0; 28 KOs) is predicted to have a great future, more widely referred to as Canelo’s successor. At just 21, he had a World Championship title in super welterweight, and after five successful title defeats, he also made his debut middleweight appearance last night. In Texas, Munguia against the Irishman Gary O’Sullivan (30-4; 21 KOs) took the lead and increased his number of fights and victory to 35, his 28th knockout victory. Apparently it was good for Munguia that he didn’t have to consume, which had taken him a lot earlier. Coach Erik Morales also said that this weight will be for the real Munguia and they have big plans and will take him a lot to his young fighter.

Munguia fighted well, winning a convincing victory over the Irish, winning TKO in Round 11. In round 10-11, O’Sullivan got a lot of punches and then, about 45 seconds before the end of round 11, the Irishman’s corner threw the towel, but the referee didn’t notice it because he was back, but a few seconds later he also thought it better to stop fighting.

Round 11:

After the match, Munguia said he had a great time in the ring, a good match. He felt much stronger than he was in middleweight and wanted to win the World Championship title in a short while, wants fight with the best fighters in middleweight with Canelo, Charlo, Golovkin. Having previously been a World Champion at WBO in super welterweight,  so he has a good chance to fight with the middleweight WBO World Champion Demetrius Andrade for a world title.