Muhammad Ali VS Mike Tyson? Anthony Joshua answered the question

Muhammad Ali - Don King - Mike Tyson (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

Recently, WBSS did an eWBSS simulation tournament with heavyweight legends where in the final Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson “clashed” and Tyson won by unanimous decision. Thus, the eternal question was on the agenda again. If the two legends had really clashed, so they were both in their prime, who would have won the battle?

Heavyweight IBO / IBF / WBO / WBA Super World Champion Anthony Joshua was also asked who said it was not easy to answer, as not so much time had elapsed between the two boxers periods, but the size of the boxers and the method of preparation were very different.

“It’s quite interesting because in the era of Muhammad Ali’s heavyweight reign, the heavyweights were ranked as the cruiserweights of the Mike Tyson era. … With Lennox Lewis, you know how they started getting bigger, hence why in the amateurs they then created a super-heavyweight division. … The current heavyweight division in the amateurs is what we class as the cruiserweight division. … So Muhammad Ali wouldn’t have been a fully fledged heavyweight. So let’s say we bulked Muhammad Ali up and put size and strength to him, I truly believe Mike Tyson would’ve won. … The reason being when you watch the fight with Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, you see a certain Tyson-esque to Frazier’s style. Tyson used to study that Joe Frazier. The moving, the hooks. He managed to put Ali down in the fight, it was a very tough fight for Ali. … And I just believe Mike Tyson was better schooled, times have evolved, Mike Tyson was more developed. More science, more information. So I think that Mike Tyson would’ve won, in my humble opinion.” – said Joshua to JD Sports.