Mike Tyson disagrees with Joshua about Muhammad Ali

Mike Tyson - Muhammad Ali (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

We recently wrote about it that the WBSS organizers staged an eWBSS tournament with heavyweight legends, where really two real legends ended up in the finals. Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson “clashed” and Tyson won by unanimous decision. Shortly afterwards, current IBO / IBF / WBO / WBA Super Heavyweight World Champion Anthony Joshua was also asked who would have won the fight if it really had been such a fight. And Joshua’s opinion agrees with the end result of the fantasy fight. He thinks Tyson could have beaten Ali if the two boxers fought their prime. Joshua didn’t talk about decusion or KO, but Tyson would have won.

And now Tyson also spoke and disagreed with Joshua. He didn’t think he could have beaten Ali.

“I know it’s a fantasy game. Most likely I would win the fantasy, I wouldn’t win the real fight. Ali’s the greatest there’s ever been.” – said Tyson.

Tyson very honored Ali in an extraordinary way, considering him his hero. They also met several times before Ali passed away. According to an old story, Tyson saw as a child Ali’s defeat  from Larry Holmes and vowed to take revenge on him. According to the story, Tyson watched Ali’s fight with Cus D’Amato on TV and they were both shocked at how much Holmes beat Ali, who was already beginning to show signs of Parkinson’s disease at the time. The next day of the fight, D’Amato called Ali and asked him to talk to Tyson, who he would one day still be a world champion. Tyson promised Ali on the phone that he would take revenge for him one day. Ali also reportedly reminded Tyson before the fight of what he had promised him at the time. And Tyson complied, beating Holmes on January 22, 1988, in the fourth round with TKO.