Mayweather’s price: Nurmagomedov + McGregor at the same gala = $ 600 million?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

As we have already reported, the UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov would fight Floyd Mayweather Jr, even in boxing rules, for good money, of course. He also said he had received a $ 100 million bid from Saudi Arabia for this fight. Mayweather has also commented on this potential match and it looks like there is a real chance he will have one. As we are used to, at Mayweather everything is about money, if he can make a lot of money with it, he can fight almost anybody.

Mayweather said he is a businessman, a smart businessman and though he had retired from boxing, but if he had a good money-making opportunity, he wouldn’t mind. That’s why he fought McGregor in 2017 and will do it again if the opportunity arises. Then he made $ 300 million in a fight, now he wants even more.

Last week, Mayweather was in UK, where he said he would have a minimum of $ 350 million to step in, even against Nurmagomedov. It is not even excluded that he could fight Nurmagomedov and McGregor at same event. There’s the money he is willing to do. There are several news portals, and even Mayweather’s uncle Jeff Mayweather has recently talked about battling Mayweather at a gala with both MMA fighter. That’s why he thought was a modest $ 600 million for a double fight.

“We (he and Dana White) talked about a fight against McGregor and we talked about a fight against Khabib. If I stand up and take the risk, it comes with a price. $ 600 million, that’s the price. If I can entertain the world and have fun, would that be easy fun and would I even make $ 600 million with these two guys (Khabib and McGregor)? Then why not? ” Mayweather said.

But would there be such interest in this double fight to earn that much? McGregor would obviously take it for good money, anyway he’d like a rematch. Nurmagomedov seems to be in it too. But would viewers be interested? Their first match against McGregor in 2017 was a big one, but for many it was disappointing and was called boring. But then, many people paid for it because they didn’t know what to expect, now maybe the interest wouldn’t be so big.