Marcos Maidana is in good shape and will soon back to the ring

Marcos Maidana (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

Marcos “El Chino” Maidana has repeatedly talked about returning, most recently just last year. He went to the US for training camp and reportedly signed a contract with the PBC for three fights, but eventually it turned out to be nothing. Then again in last November, he said he would be back in the ring, but now only for a few rounds in an exhibition bout with former kickboxing world champion Jorge Cali. The fight will be in the boxing rules on April 18 and in cruiserweight. This is well above the weight at which Maidana fought in his prime, he was world champion in super lightweight and welterweight.

But now he is really training and the change in his weight is spectacular. After his retirement in 2015, he enjoyed life, partying and becoming very obese. At times he managed to lost some weight of it, but he was well above his competitive weight. However, according to the latest videos, he is in better shape and is said to have shed more than 40 pounds. He is seriously preparing for the April fight and his manager said earlier that he could be seen outside of this fight as well. Depending on how successful this return is, how will feel again in the ring. Maidana will be 37 in July, and still have a few good fights, if he really mean it now.