March 24, 2001 Oscar De La Hoya VS Arturo Gatti

Oscar De La Hoya - Arturo Gatti (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

19 years ago today, two fantastic boxers Oscar De La Hoya and Arturo Gatti clashed at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Arena. The fight was in welterweight and was called for 12 rounds. But La Hoya re-tightened after a nine-month hiatus to burn after losing to Shane Mosley in the previous fight and losing his WBC welterweight title.

The Golden Boy was clearly faster, and Gatti said afterwards that he knew he was fast, but that much. De La Hoya dominated the ring with combinations, taking many more punches. Gatti had to count at the end of the first round and cracked badly under his right eye. De La Hoya took the first four rounds of all three judges, then won in the fifth round with a TKO after Gatti’s coach Hector Rocha threw in the towel.

“If I hadn’t stopped it, he would have killed him there! Arturo wouldn’t have stopped by himself. ” Rocha said after the fight.