Lomachenko is waiting for the end of the coronavirus in Ukraine, meantime he is preparing against Lopez

Vasyl Lomachenko (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

The Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko has been living in the United States for quite a few years, but is trying to spend as much time as possible in his native Ukraine. Now, even during the coronavirus pandemic, he thought it better to wait for the end at home. The next time he would have fought the young Teofimo Lopez to be the undisputed champion of lightweight, but due to the pandemic, this match also had to be postponed. He trains until, he stays in shape because he can’t know when they’ll get a green light for the fight.

“The situation as of this moment is from Monday, there will be very limited time to go outside. You will have to be at your house. You can’t gather more than two or three people. The situation is like you can only take your dog out for a walk or go out for something very serious. Other than that, you have to sit at home. You can’t even walk with your kids outside. Everyone will be on lockdown. This will go on until April 24 starting on Monday. … Nobody knows when we can start. I always have to be in shape. I have to be ready always. … You have to be active all the time.” – said Lomachenko.

Like Lopez, Lomachenko is very much looking forward to the fight, as he has not fought since August last year and can finally be the undisputed champion of his division. Plus Lopez has made a rather “cheeky” statement about him lately, so he would love to teach it more. He can’t wait to see his and his father’s eyes and see their reaction after the fight, after beating Lopez. At the same time, he doesn’t underestimate Lopez.

“I really think he’s a good boxer. He’s a top fighter. He’s young, he’s hungry, he has big power, and I want this fight because he’s a world champion, and he holds my belt, the IBF title.” – said Lomachenko.

Vasyl Lomachenko is currently the WBC Franchise Champion, WBO and WBA (Super) World Champion, and Lopez is the IBF World Champion, making the winner will be the undisputed lightweight champion.