Kovalev continues in cruiserweight

Sergey Kovalev (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

Former light heavyweight world champion Sergey Kovalev’s (34-4-1; 29 KO) coach Buddy McGirt said the Russian boxer would next step to the cruiserweight. In his last fight lost his WBO World Championship belt against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. At that time, the Russian bomber was just a faint copy of himself. It was surprising that he didn’t take the initiative, didn’t want to win and Canelo defeated him by KO. He later said that he knew that under the conditions that his Mexican team had set, he had no chance of winning and that he was only going to make money because he knew he would lose.

He also had problems with his weight in his last fight, he couldn’t put the weight first. It probably also contributed to moving up a weight class. And maybe in the cruiserweight doesn’t have such big names now as it does in the light heavyweight. So, he won’t be able to make too much money. It is hard to imagine that he can beat the two current light heavyweight champions, Beterbiev and Bivol. However, he does not want to finish his career yet so he has targeted the cruiserweight.

According to his coach, preparations will begin in about a month and the plan is to he has no more than 185 pounds. The cruiserweight range is between 175 pounds and 200 pounds, but McGirt wouldn’t want that Kovalev to pick up too much weight. Stay light, that’s the goal. This is roughly the amount of weight the Russian usually puts on a fight day. However, will the good question that the punch power.  Kovalev, in his prime time had enough power to stand in the cruiserweight, but nowadays maybe not.