Joshua wants Wilder before the third Wilder – Fury fight

Anthony Joshua (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

Since Anthony Joshua has regained his World titles, he has been saying he wants to unify with Deontay Wilder as soon as possible. He also came up with a plan after Wilder beat Fury in February to quickly unify their title before the third Wilder – Fury match. Joshua said he had already taken steps to address the matter.

He seems very determined, but this plan is bleeding from many wounds. Although Joshua would love to unify the title with Wilder, but he doesn’t mind if unify with Fury. He said fans were looking forward to finally seeing the battle of Joshua – Wilder, but a Joshua – Fury fight in the UK would be even bigger. However, if Fury takes Wilder’s belt, then obviously there is a better chance of an immediate third match between Fury and Wilder (depending on what’s in the rematch clause).

In addition, Joshua has a lot to do this year due to mandatory title defenses. Officially, doesn’t even know who he need to protect his title first. At least it hasn’t been made public yet. It is even questionable if they can agree to money. While Hearn has said in the days that Joshua would be willing to share 50-50% with Wilder, this is a step up from the previous 40-60% best offer.

“Everyone wants Wilder to win because (a fight with me) is what everyone wants to see. Wilder has a great right hand, I have a great left hand. It is a great boxing match. We had a meeting about that. It has great potential. I heard (Wilder and Fury) have a third fight lined up towards the end of the year but we have to throw a curveball in there. Something that gets Wilder’s attention providing he wins so that he thinks to himself: ‘Even though I have a rematch clause, I’ll see how I can manipulate my contract, get out of it, and fight for the undisputed championship’.” – told Joshua to Sky Sports.