Is Maidana ready for a third fight against Mayweather?

Marcos Maidana - Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

After a break of more than five years, Marcos Maidana would have re-entered the ring in April this year as part of an exhibition bout in Argentina. However, this fight had to be postponed due to the coronavirus, but he continues to train and based on the videos he has already got rid of a lot of excess weight and is in better shape.

The fact that re-entering an official boxing fight has been raised many times. His manager said earlier when announcing this exhibition bout, it is not excluded that even in a professional boxing fight we can see Maidana. Now Jorge Cali, a former kick-boxing world champion who would have been Maidana’s opponent in April, was already talking about a third fight against Mayweather, only in conditional mode, of course. And with that, he started an “avalanche”. According to Cali, the first Mayweather – Maidana fight was clearly won by Maidana, but the victory was taken away from him. He thinks if a third fight took place between them, Maidana would no doubt beat “Money”. Maidana is very determined, he seems to be serious about his return now, not as before. Because this is not the first time the Argentine has decided to return.

The interview with Cali was probably also read by Mayweather or a member of Mayweather’s team because they had already posted a video the next day that was just: “They thought they could crack the MayVinci code.”

And Maidana replied, “The boxing world knows who won. If Floyd Mayweather had any questions, El Chino Maidana would be available to him from February to March 2021. ”

In 2014, they also had two fights against each other, both of which were won by Mayweather with decision, and Maidana then retired. Next year, maybe a third fight could take place 7 years after their first two fights. Of course, this message doesn’t mean anything yet, but it seems there would be a willingness on the part of Maidana, and on Mayweather, obviously, the money decides.