Fury would help Ruiz get back

Tyson Fury (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

Tyson Fury knows what it is like when sudden success comes and take the control of your life and that is at the expense of your career. Fury defeated Klitschko in 2015. He then mismanaged by the popularity, success, and plenty of money. He was partying too much, drinking and used drugs, and this intoxicating period turned into a self-destruction period and depression. Which made him quit his career and many times struggled for his life with depression. But he  losed weight, mentally reinforced and starring again in boxing, he has since given lectures on how to recover from such a situation. Now, Fury would help Ruiz get back.

Andy Ruiz Jr.’s case is not nearly as serious as Fury’s, but a bit of support will come in handy. Ruiz beat Anthony Joshua and became world champion in June last year, but lost the rematch in December. And it was a big contributor to the fact that Ruiz spent the time between the two fights enjoying partying rather than training. But now he is thinking of the next fight, because it has not ended his career, just a bit backward, but he is still ahead of Joshua’s first game because the world knows him now. The return is expected sometime between May and June, but there is nothing concrete yet. He is said to be slowly starting training, and Fury has offered to help.

“I would advise Andy Ruiz to come to Las Vegas to train with me, and I’ll get his titles back. Yeah, I’ve been there and done it before. I’ve been in the same position. You win some, you lose some. … You go out, and party, and then come home. The main thing you realize is boxing is the more important thing to you in your life. Boxing put you in the position that you’re in, and boxing gave you all those nice treasures.” said Fury.