Fury: 3 more fights and retirement

Tyson Fury (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

Last year, Tyson Fury talked about he can fighting up to 40 like Pacquiao, and now he is talking about retirement. In an interview with IFL TV, he said he had only three fights left and then hung the glove. He wants three opponents: Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte. So, if that’s the case, we’ll see him for the last time in the ring next year.

Fury’s next opponent is the WBC Champion Wilder in February, but there have been several talks about a third match. So he has at least four matches left with three opponents. Although this third match obviously depends on the rematch result, it also depends on who wins and how wins. If Wilder wins, there maybe not be a third match, but if Fury defeats Wilder, there will obviously be a third match. The details of the contract are not known as to what was agreed on in a third match. A fight against Joshua would be a huge fight in UK with lot of money.

“I’ve got 3 more fights left. I don’t know. I’ve got Wilder next, Joshua, Whyte, and then I’m out. Because he’s been mandatory for 2000 days, and he hasn’t been given a world title shot. When I beat Wilder, I’ll give him a shot. He’s mandatory. I think he’s a high ranking contender, and he hasn’t been given a shot at a world title. When I beat Wilder, he can be a defense for sure. One of my last 3. Joshua and Whyte, done.” – said Fury to IFL TV.

That’s Fury’s plan, but it’s not depend on just him, it’s a lot more complicated and a lot depends on his performance in February, not just whether he wins. He still holds on to want knock out Wilder, because he can’t beat by scoring in the USA.

“I’ve got my 21st knockout victim. Considering I’m not going to get the decision, I need a knockout. He’s not afraid of a fight. I hope he meets me in the middle of the ring in the first. … In America, they like to see big shots coming. Listen, he’s unbeaten with 40 fights, and I’m unbeaten with 30 fights. You’ve got to respect any man that puts a pair of gloves on, especially a man that’s the knockout king and unbeaten.” – said Fury.

Fury also talked about not using Joshua’s suggestion to spar with him to help him get ready for Wilder. For the “Gypsy King” wouldn’t make much sense because Joshua doesn’t fight like Wilder, so he wouldn’t help much. Then, when the time comes, they will meet in a real fight, not in sparring.