Floyd Mayweather Jr. would be Vasyl Lomachenko’s dream opponent

Vasyl Loamchenko (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

Earlier, the Ukrainian classic Vasyl Lomachenko was asked if he could choose an opponent from any era, who would be most willing to fight. And his response is perhaps not surprising, as his greatest goal has always been to “write history” to get a chapter in the book of boxing history. He told a lot of times that he is an athlete, not a businessman, the point for him is not how much he earns with a fight, but to beat as big a name as possible and create something lasting.

And the “dream opponent” of choice would be Floyd Mayweather Jr., against whom he could fight a “historic battle”.

“Floyd Mayweather. I think it would be a very smart fight and a chess match. I don’t know who would win. Now, it’s just words. I don’t know. … Of course I would like to fight somebody who is undefeated. Who has a good history, who has a big name. I think the most interesting name for me to fight would be Floyd Mayweather.” – said Lomachenko.

Of course, this is not a challenge from Lomachenko, just an answer of who he would like to stand against, which would be a real “history fight”.

The question of who would win was not overstretched too much, he always used to say respectfully about other boxers, all he answered was:

“I don’t wanna talk about me and say I win. I don’t wanna talk about him because I don’t know. But if I come to the ring with him, I can win this fight.”