Arum: Wilder is horrible boxer, but he has tremendous one-punch power!

Bob Arum (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

The famous promoter, Top Rank leader Bob Arum has been working with Tyson Fury for a while. He is convinced that the best heavyweight boxer at the moment is Tyson Fury, who has repeatedly compared him to Muhammad Ali. Arum doesn’t have such a good opinion of the WBC World Champion Deontay Wilder, who is next opponent for Fury.  According to him, Wilder can’t fight at all, and what he does in the ring is horrible. But he admits that he hasn’t seen such a boxer yet, who has that much power to send anyone to the floor with one punch.

“I haven’t seen a guy with that one-punch power. I’ve never seen anything like it. It is actually accentuated by the fact he doesn’t know how to box. Wilder is a horrible boxer. He puts on a clinic of how not to box, but he has that right hand and it is like a laser that will find the most vulnerable part of his opponent’s anatomy.”  – Arum said.

In contrast, Fury is a god-given talent, one of the most talented heavyweight boxers he has ever promoted. Not only a good boxer, but also a unique personality.

“A little bit of Ali, a little bit of George Foreman – he blends a lot of the strengths of those guys together, with a little bit of Roberto Duran. He is a promoter’s dream and it reminds me of when I promoted Ali. Ali was such a brilliant self-promoter, but a lot of people would then give me credit for having him say this or that. Of course I had nothing to do with it.” – Arum said.

In their first fight in December 2018, Arum and Fury had not worked together, and they started to cooperate after that. Together with Frank Warren, they are trying to build Fury’s American career, which has so far been not so success. Altough he has won other fights in the US, except the Wilder fight (it was draw), but not against big names. Still, Arum and Warren think that Fury is better known in the US than Wilder, and that the rematch will bring tremendous interest. Bigger than any other heavyweight battle in recent years. Partly because of the controversial outcome of the first fight.