April 7, 2001: Naseem Hamed VS Marco Antonio Barrera

Naseem Hamed - Marco Antonio Barrera (Photo: PuzzlePix Photo Agency)

19 years ago on this day was the “Prince” Naseem Hamed VS Marco Antonio Barrera fight, which to the surprise of many ended in the defeat of the Prince. Hamed won 35 fights in a row for 9 years, but Barrera defeated him with unanimous decision. The stakes in the fight was the IBO featherweight world title.

Adding to the history is that Hamed broke his hand in his previous fight and didn’t train at all for months and managed to pick up a good little overweight during that time, which made it very difficult to prepare. He struggled so much with the pounds that he had just managed to weigh in and all his energy had been taken away by consumption. In contrast, Barrera was perfectly prepared. Hamed no chance of victory.

This defeat practically put an end to Hamed’s career, after which he only entered only one fight, which he won but could no longer see the old Prince. And the rematch against Barrera never took place.